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by John Mazur

I am a life-long U2 fan and tonights show was the best I have EVER seen. The band sounds beautiful and crisp, and the energy between the fans and the band was amazing. The sound was off a touch in a couple numbers (e.g., One), but it did not detract from the brillance of the music belted out by Adam, Larry, Edge and Bono. I love the DC shows because U2 is a cause driven band and they know the center of world power is in this town. Bono had lunch with Bush today at the White House, and wasted no time tonight on stage advocating for the difference u2 fans are making and can make by getting involved in world issues such as Aids, Hunger, Malaria, Debt Forgiveness. The set list was a mix of old and new tunes......all outstanding and full of energy and soul. I know this sounds trite, but this tour and All That You Can.... were borderline spiritual experiences. There is an energy at a U2 show that is unlike anyhting I have experienced (closest would be a great Grateful Dead show). God Bless U2 for making such great music, playing their hearts out tonight and doing their part to make a better world for All. Oh....the Edge was flawless tonight.........he is such a brillant musician. Don't miss tomorrow night if you missed tonight. Peace, John

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