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by Irvine

this was my 2nd show of the vertigo tour (saw them in Philly in May) and 8th show overall. very strong, solid, professional show -- i do fear that on some nights they've become expert song and dance men, capable of turning on passion like a television set, and i could sense a bit of that last night. while he seemed a little timid and unwilling to really cut loose (perhaps nervous with so many politico friends in the house), bono did seem to be in a great mood and his voice was in terrific shape. while the setlist isn't all that different from May, the mood of the show is -- back then, it was a 2 hour assault (no wonder LMJ is having arm problems) that left you no time to breath, or to reflect and understand what was going on. this show had pauses and moments to collect yourself and take notice of the surroundings -- as result, the show is fixed in my memory whereas i can't remember much about the philly show. my biggest complain were the fans -- many were lame, but what can you expect in a town not known for having much of a blue-collar support base like you'd get in Philly, Boston, or even NYC. lots of people get tickets because they're connected, not because they're big fans, but what can you do? on the whole, a very good show -- am looking forward to tonight where my seats are much better than the nosebleeds.

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