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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Willi

Great showbut it didnt quite make it to that other place. For the first four numbers (COBL, Vertigo, I Will Follow, ElectriCo) the place was on fire and the flames were getting higher and higher. In fact, at the end of Electrico Bono gave a sincere thanks to the crowd and he meant it...you could tell. While walking back to the main stage he was speechless in looking for the word to describe the feeling (he settled upon ecstasy). Riding on that momentum, the band kicked into Still Havent Found, had a great initial lift-off but thenthe audience flat out dropped the ball. We were all invited to take the second verse in Still Havent Found and wowthe sound of embarrassed crickets was all you could hear. Talk about God walking through the room. S/He headed straight to the concession stand and then went home*.

From then on this unforgettable event became another show well oiled and flawlessly delivered but four men playing to 20,000 people nonetheless.

Dont get me wrong, those four men put their heart and soul into everything they did last night and it was great. But to borrow a phrase from the 80s, it had everything but it.

Bottom line (well almost the bottom) next time they play DC, more 15 year+ fans need to attend.


*During Sometimes s/he stepped back in for a moment just to goof on Bono and make him think his dad may have had handed him a bottle of water.

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