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by Juan V

One word.....WOW. Ok, two words, simply incredible.

My wife and I arrived at 2pm. Signed our names on the list, got our numbers (172 & 173), and began the long wait. We had great weather in DC Wednesday (low 80s), so the mood was awesome. Waited for a couple of hours to see if I could see the boys enter the arena, but I had to get back in the GA line eventually. Met two awesome people while waiting for Bono. Jerry and Linda. Thanks to these guys for chattin w/ us. Jerry....you're nuts for seeing them 18 times on this tour alone! But, i am jealous.

Didn't get to see VERTIGO, VERTIGO, VERTIGO on the laptop, but we had a great spot 5 feet from the rain right where Larry and Bono played the drum for "Love and Peace". Then...."COBL" started, the confetti fell, and there was our hero, right in front of us! The three guys behind us (Rob, Tom, and Brian?), thanks guys for making the night even better. I still owe one of you $2.

Great show that only got better when "I Will Follow" got the crowd absolutely pumped. Didn't think I'd see this one again after the Elevation tour. And to that little girl on stage, you gotta scream "NO MORE" to SBS.

Bono got the crowd laughin when he told us that Larry said "One" was 15 minutes long. I didn't care, it's the best U2 song (for me at least).

Edge and Adam played tighter than I've ever seen 'em. No sound check either. Incredible. Adam even cracked a few smiles. Cool!!

Was hoping to hear "Bad", only to get the energy sucking "40" instead, but great nonetheless.

Thanks guys for another great f'n concert!!


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