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by Kevin Z.

This was my first Vertigo show and what a great show it was! Me and a buddy of mine arrived at the arena around 9:30 am. My ticket didn't scan Vertigo, but my buddy's ticket did. We were both excited and once we found out that the rail in front of Edge was still open we just about lost it. I had never been that close before and got some good pictures of the band.

Like the previous shows on the tour, the song selections were about the same, but I think it gives the show a good balance. I was hoping to hear "Zoo Station" or "The Fly", but looking at the previous setlists I had my doubts. The band was excited and the energy level was high. From where I was standing the sound was clear and I could understand everything that Bono was saying.

Throughout the show, I was still trying to absorb the fact that I was so close. Edge and Adam moved around a lot and Bono being the showman he is fed off of the crowds energy throughout the show. When they started "I Will Follow" the ellipse went crazy. Most people knew the rare songs and everyone cheered when Bono nailed the Pavarotti part in Miss Sarajevo. During "40" the guys switched instruments as usual, but what I thought was cool was when everyone left the stage Larry stopped playing and just stared out into the crowd for about 5 sec and then kicked into the drums again. Now I know he's done this in years past, but the look on his face was so serious and cool. All in all a great show!

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