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by Chip C

This was the first! My first! This is the one that did it!

I was 13 and I was in Denver for the first time visiting my sister who just moved there and her husband. I had been there for 2 weeks. My brother-in-law had all the U2 tapes up to that time. I had only heard Pride (In The Name Of Love) on the radio up until this time. He had turned me on to the them and let me listen their stuff.

We had spent the entire week sightseeing, and my brother-in-law decided he wanted to take me to my first Rock concert ever and what better one than one with Bryan Adams, Sting, Peter Gabriel and U2.

I knew the others better than I knew U2 and I was more excited about the other performers. U2 were the closers and by the time they came out, I was tired and worn out. But the resurged me with their energy and took me somewhere I can't begin to explain.

I don't remember much more than they did play New Year's Day, I Will Follow, Maggie's Farm and Sunday Bloody Sunday. I know that when Pride was played the use of lights impressed me. but when they played Bad, I don't know, something inside me happened I just can't explain. It like made me feel for the first time, I was not alone. It is really hard to explain without getting too detailed or philosophical. But it took me somewhere I have never been in my life.

Since this moment, U2 has been "my band." I'll go through periods where they are all I listen to for months, even years at a time. And it has been getting more so the older I get. I am now reaching 29 and every song touches me. I have rediscovered songs along the way as well. I love this band, they have comforted me in more ways than I can count or explain.

I knew this wasn't a "real U2 concert" with all the effects and the emotion but it had enough to impress a 13 year old boy and change his life forever.

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