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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Christopher Trimm

As you're aware Denver is the Mile High city and oxygen is in demand. I honestly don't think U2 suffered from lack of air as evidenced by the amount of screaming from all the faithful in Colorado. I told the group who came with me that our seats were on the floor but I wasn't sure where. Actually I knew these were in the front row! For both nights! We came from Los Angeles wearing "A Celebration" fan club shirts and met U2 fans who had read about us in Rolling Stone. I even had a banner that someone else made given to me to drape over the wall in front. We met Jerry Mele and he politely asked if we would mind standing in front of security! Duh! U2 made numerous references to Red Rocks and how beautiful to rockie mountains are. He even asked us if we knew of any parties afterward! This first night U2 played the professional, film cameras rolling set. It looked as if they wanted every angle covered by the cameras. As usual the audience was in rare form although I heard less singing and more cheering from my perspective. More than likely this was because I was watching Edge and learing his fingering and trying to convince myself that I'm not dreaming.

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