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by Gaz Lewis

It's the morning after last nights amazing experience. It was the first time I have seen U2 live in the 3 years that I have Lived U2. It was probably the best feeling in my life when the guys first walked onto the stage and burst into "Elevation".

I wasn't really surprised at the setlist because I have been checking out all the setlists from this tour but it was a nice surprise to hear "Stay" (which Bono explained was a dedication to Frank Sinatra). Other dedications included Kite which was for Bono's father Bob, who is very ill at the moment (according to Bono is down to his last few days with us) and "One" which was for Noel Gallagher, also one thing is not mentioned on here and it was something I noticed after the event was that during "Bad" Bono included the lyrics "Where were you while we were getting high, where was I when they were getting high" In the mode of Champagne Supernova.

There was an excellant version of "Desire" with the band taking to the front of the heart shaped stage and a sweet version of "In a Little While". One thing to look forward to if you are going to see the U2 Elevation Tour is "New York" a song which is far better live than the original recorded version.

Bono was quite chatty during the course of the night and one thing he mentioned was that the band had played in a Manchester club called "the beach club" infront of a crowd of 11 people back in the eighties.

A beautiful version of "With or Without You" in the encore and the closing song of the evening "Walk On" was an emotional experience.

Anybody wanting to see U2 without a ticket may feel to make the journey as I must have seen at least 10 different people buying and selling them at the arena.

Excellant show boys, you certainly educated my mind with your Beautiful show.

Please keep it coming.


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