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by Alskiev

Firstly I have to say great concert.

My friend and I arrived at the arena and quickly found our seats.
What a great surprise the seats were incredible. We were in the lower tear six rows from the front on Edges side.

I must thank Propaganda as I got my tickets through them. NICE ONE!

The last halfhour before U2 took the stage was unbearably tense and seemed to go on forever. As a veteran of Zoo tv and popmart this was definitely the most nervous I have been before a gig.Thankfully they took the stage acknowledging the crowd and ripped into elevation, immediately everyone was on their feet. Elevation was followed by Beautiful day and into Until the end of the world. Both of these were very powerful.

A thing that struck me looking round the arena was the range in age of the audience. I saw a girl who must have been aged about 10 with her dad. I couldnt believe how much she was into it throughout the concert. Also an extremely surreal moment when I looked round and saw a woman in her late 50s getting down to Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Bono seems to be the ultimate front man as he prowled, swaggered, crawled and ran round the stage looking every bit the rockstar, and edge the perfect sideman.

At one point I think Bono thought he was at the world athletics championship as during The Fly he hurtled round the heart completing an impressive two laps.

Bono and Edge seemed at ease interacting with the audience, whereas in contrast Adam and Larry seemed quite content to concentrate on doing their jobs.

Highlights for me were Elevation, Beautiful day, Discotheque, Kite, Bad, Bullet the blue sky, One and Walk on.

My only real criticism would be that they didnt play more of their newer songs. As you may have gathered from my highlights of the concert I prefer to hear their later work live. I understand its up to the band to decide what they want to play but I would like to have seen them tackle more from Zooropa and Pop.

If I could ask them one question it would be.
Why did you drop Do you feel loved from the live set?

However a great show, great tunes all played with passion and conviction.
Can anyone ask for more.

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