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I'm lucky enough to have seen both
the gigs in Manchester. Firstly I would like
to say that Kelis did a fantastic job as a warm up and I'm sure we will hear a lot more from Kelis.

Bono gave his all in both shows even though
he looked strained at times. He still has
that communication ability. You feel he is
talking to you alone in a huge mass of people.

It was nice to see the shows from two copletely different angels.

The visual effect are stunigly simple and
simply stunning.

' New York ' rocks the place quite early
on into the set. Tonight, Sunday we had ' New
Years Day ' after 'Until' , Saturday it was

Sunday night in Manchester was a more encupassing achievement. The croud seemed
totaly into the gig. They lapped up all the
old stuff and a huge cheer went up for 'Out
Of Control '

I wonder if any body has measured how many
miles Bono clocks up when he goes around the

The roof nearly blew off when the first
strains of 'Streets' swept over the audience.

' With Or Without You ' toward the end of the
show has a very spacey feel and mellow too.

Everybody wudered what would happen after
the huge techno marvels of 'Zoo TV '
and 'Popmart'. They have certainly answered
critics who acused them of loosing touch
with the soul of their music.

Elevation is a must for any fan. It lifts
you up, takes you down, spins you around
then places your feet firmly on the ground.

It's everything a true U2 fan could want.

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