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Having seen the boys in Miami for the first two nights plus one night in New York.The band playing our hometown is something very special. Saturday night was great but very hot and sticky just outside the heart.So sunday early to the MEN arena to find sixty four people in front of us. And thanks to the help of a fan in a baseball cap who managed to get the arena staff to get myself my wife Kathryn and three hundred desperate souls into the heart at 6pm.
Yes Bono has sang better but tonight more than I or Kathryn have ever seen has he sang with such raw emotion.We were close enough to Bono wipe tears from his eyes during Kite.This is of a course a impossiable time for him and his family and he still carries on. Unlike other so called rock stars including one in the last few weeks who cancelled a show with toothace!.So don't moan when things go wrong or you haven't heared what you wanted to hear,keep the faith and enjoy... nothing last forever.See you in Birmingham then on to Earls Court god willing.
Roy and Kathryn.

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