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by Karl

This was my ninth time seeing U2 live and all I can say is that this was AWESOME !! Definitely the best show I have seen since Croke park in '87. This show is all about four guys at the very top of their game. A lot of the gimmicks of Zoo TV and Popmart are gone but the show is not completely devoid of visual impact. The stage design is fantastic and gives the real die hard fans a chance to get close to the band. The subtle use of lighting creates some stunninng effects.

Highlight for me was 'Streets' with the entire arena lit up to reveal 20,000 people going crazy - huge moment. This tour seems to give fans the best mix of new and old stuff that I have witnessed. It is a must for any U2 fan.

I didn't dwell too much on the problems during One and the fact that Walk On was missed out. I just left the arena knowing that I had seen the greatest band of my generation at their very best.

p.s.Hi to all the nice U2 gang we met in Sacha's Hotel enjoy the rest of the tour !!

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