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by Paul Machnick

It was a sad night for U2. Carson Daily presented U2 with an awesome introduction which really built up the energy. I was so excited sitting at home watching the show. When they started the Influx remix of Elevation I thought to myself, how awesome. But, the power went out and they cut to commercial. What is up with that? No one messed up the Aalieh tribute. How can MTV treat a band like that. The first thought that came to mind was MTV was getting payback for Bono's swearing on Live TV during an MTV award show many year ago. But when they returned from commercial U2 did an awesome job playing Elevation and Stuck In A Moment together. U2 was then presented with the Vanguard Award and during the speech I was hoping to finally hear from Larry or Adam, but it didn't happen. I was suprised that Bono didn't say anything about his Dad passing but he held up well even though he was still in mourning. You could see it in his eyes though that Bono was deeply sadened. Earlier that evening U2 was robbed of a couple of award, those going to N' SYNC. Thank you God for the Grammy's!

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