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by U2Denverfan

Even though a bad show by U2 still by far exceeds good shows by most artists, I have to express my disappointment in this show, especially having read the review and setlist from the 11/5 concert the next night. My husband and I saw both Denver shows this spring, and as we were leaving the MGM arena, we both looked at each other and commented that the show seemed flat and boring compared to the previous shows.
The setlist was very toned down - mostly slow songs, with even the rockers slowed and quieted down. The early songs seemed lost on the crowd, and Bullet needs to be retired.
I absolutely hate the way they're presenting Streets this tour; I used to tingle with anticipation of the house lights blazing on to show everyone going wild, not that it would have mattered with the quiet and almost disinterested crowd. I was glad to see WOWY because I really missed it on the first leg, Miss Sarejevo was a nice addition, as was Wild Horses (even though it was acoustic). I actually enjoyed the technical difficulties because it shook them out of their routine. But the next night got The Fly, Until the End of the World, Mysterious Ways, AND Zoo Station, AND Bad??? Now that would have injected some energy into the 11/4 show.
Again, a second-rate U2 show is still better than most of what's out there, but when Bono has to have the lyrics to Walk On taped to the stage so that he can READ them during the entirety of the song...

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