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by Solo

I was really anticipating this show ever since i bought the tickets last...March? I got 2 more tickets to bring 2 friends who like U2's music and I really wanted to turn them on to U2 live. My wife and I had floor seats and our friends were in the stands. The MGM is very small (relatively) and all seats are great. Anyways, there is always a chance you are taking when seeing them in a place where they are playing 2 nights in a row. Am I going to see them on the good night or the dud night? Well, Friday was the dud night. The show was decent, but not worth the astronomical ticket prices that U2 fetches these days (except floor seats, which are a great deal). There were too many slow numbers interspersed with the rockers. I was bummed when i read the Saturday set list because it was a hell of a lot better. The Friday show kept sagging. It would gain momentum and then die. Too many acoustic numbers. I felt like Bono was saving himself for the next night. And apparently he was. It could have been partly the fans fault too. The people on the floor in front of us and behind us were lifeless. I mean, not even a clap, a hoot or a holler throughout the entire show. Must have been some lame VIP's or something. I felt sorry for them. They must be miserable people. And Our friends in the stands said the people next to them SAT for the whole show. Huh? So, I cant pin it all on U2. My wife and I did our part, jumping around, singing, clapping, hoping that things would pick up. And in the end the show was good but not great. The weekend was expensive (we drove 7 hours to get there) and in the end it was just too much money for too little reward. The thing that makes me saddest of all is that I had been telling my friends how great U2 was live and they were totally unimpressed, like what is the big deal?. I'd love to go again to see if I can catch them in a moment of glory, but at those prices you only get one shot. It was Vegas, it was a gamble, and I lost. But I also always say that I will NEVER go back to Vegas again, and then about a year later...

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