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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by John

I read all the other reviews and can't figure out how those folks were in the same stadium... MGM is a great place to see U2, as the venue is tiny, bathrooms are close, and they serve beer right up to the end... I was 3 deep at the apex of the bomb shelter, and the look and sound was great. The crowd was less feisty though more reserved than at all the U2 concerts I've seen in Chicago over the years, but was totally into the show. Talked to folks from California and South Africa, and they were quite cool...

COBL, Vertigo & Electric Co was great combo to start the show. Still think the Ocean unnecessarily kills the vibe. The speech about Edge coming from the future has gotten funny as the tour has gone on. Why Bono insists on dedicating Stuck to Michael Hutchence is beyond me, no one cares, it's been 8 years. The Elvis appearance was likewise funny. Love & Peace is great, but the blindfold routine is so over the top it takes away from the rest of the band.

Sunday & Bullet really need to be retired. Miss Sarajevo was unbelievable. Bono's voice never sounded better than when he handled Pavarotti's part! Incredibly moving. Pride also needs to be retired, seen it on every tour since UF, and it ran out of gas before Zoo TV. Streets and One were the typical high point, both sounded perfect!

The first encore was great, with Walk On and Wild Horses acoustic. Bono's incorporating Edge's guitar problems into the lyrics was clever, and WOWY sounded great too. During the second encore, ABOY sounded like a 2nd guitar part was absent. Yahweh and 40 were fine.

All in all, a typically good, but not exceptional show. Opener Damian Marley was unlistenable except for on his dad's songs. He had some guy waving a Jamaican flag for the entire show, an impressive feat of endurance, but kind of stupid (it never occurred to him that everyone knows where they are from?). And to the sour chick behind me who was doing her best to push her way to the front despite her late arrival, honey, you needed to arrive 2 hours earlier to get in prime position to dance with Bono on WOWY.

The set list could have been better, see Saturday night's show. Would have loved Unforgettable Fire, I Fall Down, 11 O'Clock, Crumbs, Zoo Station. Still better than seeing any other band!

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