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by John "frkyu2" Kahler

Nov 4, 2005 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Garden Arena This was John & Craig's 8th show on the Vertigo Tour and 15th U2 show overall since opening night of Pop Mart Tour in 1997. Tonight was Mark's First Ever U2 Concert. After passing through hoops to obtain Floor GA's for both of the Las Vegas shows finally Friday Nov 4th had arrived. We spent most of the day standing in the GA line outside the Arena. We met the bass player from the all-girl band "EXIT" whom Bono brought up to the stage in Los Angeles on Tuesday and rocked the house with their version of "Out of Control". While standing in line we met AnnaLisa of Arizona. We made a deal with her that if either of us scanned into the Ellipse we would choose the other as guest into the Ellipse. When the GA line opened AnnaLisa drifted ahead about 10 or 12 in line. When we made it to the front AnnaLisa was waiting and waving that she had indeed scanned into the Ellipse. Since Mark had never been to a U2 concert before he would be first to go into the Ellipse. Next I scanned my ticket and Vertigo came up on the screen and both Craig and I were in as well. This would be the 4th time that Craig and John made it into the Ellipse in 8 shows....pretty amazing and Lucky. After getting our yellow and green wrist bands I went directly down to the front of the Ellipse to secure spots for all of us close to the stage. We stood right behind some East Coast folks Kevin , Mandy and a young Asian Girl (whom I'm sorry to say don't remember her name) we were right between what would be the Edge and Bono's spot on the stage. When the opening intro music played the crowd was aroused as the u2 show was about to begin. The Edge came out in the shadows and began strumming his guitar to "City of Blinding Lights" Larry was on drums and Adam at bass on stage but no Bono. I then looked back and could sse confetti falling from the roof on top of fans standing in the Ellipse then Bono had come up at the tip of the Ellipse to thunderous applause from the entire crowd. Bono made his way back to the stage to finish the song then led the crowd unos, dos, tres, catorce "Vertigo" had begun with Bono's voice sounding great as ever as he led us all singing "Hello Hello I'm at a Place called Vertigo" ...next was "Elevation" then u2 played some of the early material..."The Electric Co. along with "Send in The Clowns and The Ocean" all sounding great as ever...Next Edge began the guitar intro to "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" the audience really got into this song. Then "In A Little While" was played and the crowd erupted when u2 played "Beautiful Day" one of my favorites all-time. Next was "Miracle Drug" off the latest CD. Then Bono took a short walk out on to the Ellipse singing "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" ...then Bono said a few words in memory of former INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence then performed a tremendous version of "Stuck in A Moment" at the end of the song Larry walked out to the tip of the Ellipse where a Tom drum and cimbal had been placed...Bono met him there as they belted out "Love and Peace,or Else" Bono donned a white bandana and pounded on the Tom drum at the end of the song...Next there was mass euforia as u2 broke into the classic "Sunday Bloody Sunday" during the song someone up front near Adam's side of the stage handed Bono a flag which had the same writing as on Bono's blind fold he wears for the song. (COEXIST) Bono draped the flag over some equipment at the front of Larry's drum set. Then Bono blind folded himself and got down on his knee's. He then tried to make his way back to the microphone only to this time get off track and appeared headed off the stage thankfully one of the road crew was heads up Johnny on time to catch him and re-direct Bono to the mike stand....Next Edge broke into "Bullet The Blue Sky" after which Bono came out to the front of the stage right where we were standing. Bono reached out and held the hand of a young girl just next to where I was standing who became a bit overwhelmed, Bono then backed off smiled and spoke of their story of the girl they met in war torn Sarajevo and the Beauty Pageant she had won...then u2 played "Miss Sarajevo" at the start of the song the girl standing next to us whom Bono had just held her hand had just gave up her front spot to her girlfriend and said she was feeling dizzy. The next thing she passed out and collapsed on the GA floor. I tried to get security to give us some water for her but he said no. Soon someone passed their half empty bottle of water and she was back up on her feet and we all stepped back from the rail and let her pass out of the Ellipse. While all of this was going on Bono continued the song and everything turned out fine for all. Bono sand the opera part of the song to the cheers and joy of all. It was a tense moment for awhile..."Pride in the Name of Love" took us all to the next level then "Streets" took the decibel level even higher...Next Bono asked the crowd to take out their cell phones and open them up as he spoke of the one campaign to end hunger...then u2 played their great song "ONE" ending the main set with a sniplet of the Elvis song "Can't Help Falling in Love" complete with a visit to the tip of the Ellipse by and Elvis impersonator. Then Bono and the rest of the band met at the front of the stage and thanked the crowd to thunderous applause and waved and left the stage. After a short time Bono and The Edge returned taking an acoustic stroll along the Ellipse cat walk playing "Walk On"...then they played another acoustic number "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses" which was interupted when Edge broke a string as he did in Los Angeles a few days earlier (he kept playing in L.A.) this time Dallas handed Edge another guitar only this time the wireless hookup didn't work...Dallas rushed back to the stage and returned with another guitar but it didn't work either so they finished the song without the guitar...Next they all went back to the stage and Larry and Adam joined in for the playing of one of my favorite tunes "With or Without You" then u2 waved to the crowd and left the stage again....they came back a short time later to play "All Because of You" next they played "Yah Weh" and the show ended with the regular closing song of "40" with Edge playing Bass and Adam the guitar and Bono, Edge and Larry walking off seperately and waving as Larry remained on stage to do a short drum solo...It was over and it was another Great Great Show. I was able to get some pretty decent pix on my Nikon Coolpix 4300 I will post some more pictures soon but for now here are 4 good ones along with a shot of us in the front of the Ellipse....We have GA's for Saturday our last of 9 shows this tour....more to come

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