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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Joe Bedoni

It truly felt like a supermarket! They love having you there, spending money, and they can't wait for you to leave!

The show is spectacular, amazing in it's granduer and sonic blasts, but it's also very impersonal! I've seen U2 three times now and I just don't get the sense that the music is as important anymore. I love the new album! I especially love MOFO and STARING AT THE SUN.

For the first three songs Bono was almost inaudible. Then they fixed that and he had trouble with his guitar. Bono has always been a talker live but said almost nothing to the Denver folks at this show! Everything was played fast or with little emotion of the past concerts. A little longer of a show would have been nice, some more older stuff! And did anyone else think Bono was a little hoarse? Maybe it was just the altitude. And what was that wierd bass track during with or without you. It sounded like a pre-recorded track that was out of sync with the rest of them. It really was a great show but not their best effort. But compared to the other drivel available right now, they're still on top of the heap. Lose Rage Against The Machine!

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