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by Phil

Hell to Heaven
well to cut a story short had a hell of a day me and my mate Ade was sitting at Mansfield with our tickets still not here..at last tickets arrive in York..so we set off to pick them up and left york at 2pm.. got to wales with a big help from my lady sat nav... missed all the jams...got to the gig at 6.30pm. just got in when the killers was on who i thought was great and def want to see them again. so we are on the pitch and folks will prob know who we are as we had the White U..2 shirts and our tour dates on the back...so far all the shows we got in the pit but..after such a bad start was not going to give up...I want to thank the lady and her fella for letting her use her expensive Red lipstick to make a Red Harp on my arm....So i was lucky to get in the pit..Ohh no ade gets turned away...So went to get a new stamp on my arm went out stamped Ade and we are in...best feeling in the world..Want to say sorry for all that was in the que for ages we done that..so we know how you all feel.. What a show what a night it was amazing could not asked for a better show...so off to spain...for more U2!!!! its been a great tour but its been a big pain with tickets etc as many will know!!!!
Well off to work as my bank blance is going in the- but its worth it!!!!!!!

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