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by Phil Shapley

I've seen U2 about 15 times - and last night was such a great gig I was taken aback.......
I'm not a fan of the latest album - IMHO it sounded unfinished / frustrated / disjointed at times - nevertheless I was looking forward to the show.
Both support acts were great - and warmed the crowd up respectively.
By the time U2 hit the stage the crowd were hungry for them.
The Millenium stadium is such an amazing venue for a show such as this. With the roof closed and the almost intimate atmosphere (if thats possible with 60,000 fans) - the production of this tour came into its own - not over the top - just very very proffesional.
Opening with Vertigo nearly took the roof off....like I've said - I've seen the guys many times - but I've never seen such an energetic crowd. Bono picked up on this and worked the audience like only he could.
The set list was excellent - spanning old and new. I was pleased to also see ISHFWILF and All I want is You thrown in - as they're pure crowd pleasers......
The energy of the perfomance was electric.....and I for one actually liked the reprise of Vertigo to close the show - it brought it round full circle - and closed on a high!!
I went into the stadium sceptical (especially after what I felt to be exhorbitant ticket prices) - but left feeling that in the previous 2 1/4 hr - an atomic bomb had at last been dismantled for me.

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