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by Julie

Fab concert. The mix of tracks was excellent, better than I have seen before from the boys. The atmosphere and the stadium were awesome. When Bono sang Sometimes You Can't.... I had tears in my eyes. Also saw a grown man crying when they played Pride! The encore could have had more fast songs to get the crowd really going. I didn't like the political speeches made by Bono but I expected it!

Problems with Millenium Stadium - too smokey around the bar area - we could barely breath. Forbidding plastic water bottles inside because they could be used as weapons was ridiculous. We had forks which were much more of a potential threat, and we could have had all sorts of knives in our pockets. Be sensible please and let us take water in - the queues are too long to wait for a drink. Other main problem was the traffic - the M4 needs sorting out if Cardiff are to continue holding major concerts and sporting events.

Not wanting to detract from the amazing evening - we drove 350 miles and it was worth it. We got home at 4.15am - but went to sleep with Sometimes You Can't Make It going round in my head! Come back soon U2.

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