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by LG

Wow! As all the reviews here have said, was a fantastic performance, wild crowd, got into the front of the elipse easily because i had a ticket for the 'staff gate' (#3) which seemed to be mainly seated tickets. Started queuing at 3ish as the dudes doing security suggested going to the pub as there was no point hanging around! I especially liked:

-edge playing 3 guitar solos infront of me....literally i was about 3 feet from him when he did the zoo station intro!

-the screen was fantastic, having the roof closed probably made it all twice as good!

-lots of laughs from the HUGE mexican waves before the show. support acts were excellent, killers obviously having a fantastic time with the great crowd.

-went for a wander into the middle of the walkways at one point, had larry infront of me, edge to the left adam the right and bono behind- didnt know where to look!

-lots of cheers for the snippets of songs- personally Rat in a Cage brought a huge smile to my face

-oh yeah edge kept staring at me during the 2nd vertigo as i kept jumping when everyone else was too whacked out :D

- found the run to the front pretty fun, altho in hinesight it could have been dangerous. didnt get home till 3AM tho- after seeing some fellow fans at the service station near bridgewater at 2 in the morning! Come on hurry up and build that M4 relief road before the next tour please!

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