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by mo

Got there at 9.30am to gate 1. They had no queuing system... infact it was
rubbish - in the end they didnt even have wristbadns - instead they let in
multiple gates at the same time and it was a CRAZY rush to get into the
inner circle (they were letting people in from 2 sides) - definitley lacked
the planning on Twickenham - me and my friend satisfied ourselves with a
spot on the railing (centre) of the outer circle rather than a poor spot in
the inner circle (least we get something to lean on, which we needed! and
extra height, which I needed!)

Indeed, the inner circle was VERY empty looking! Loads of people wanted to
go in but I am not sure what happened....

Starsailor - don't really know enough to comment

The Killers - best of the 4 supports I have seen, pretty good live, didn't
do 'Mr Brightside' or 'All These Things' as well as I expected though!

The sound for both was rubbish.

The stadium looks amazingly small - even half the size of Twickenham! Its
hard to believe even a full sized football (soccer) pitch fits into it -
maybe its because the roof was closed - which would provide great video and
sound right?

Wrong - U2 didn't start using the screen much until COBL (which is when they
started anyway outdoors) - the sound was not that great - better than
Twickenham 1 and 2 I would say but still not good enough IMO - you just
can't hear Bono - where we were stood there was some distortion and his
voice sounded comical at times! They also had some tech difficulties with
the screen on top of the speakers throughout (they spent ages trying to fix
it before the show started)

The atmosphere was good - pretty much like a indoor arena - so I won't
bother visiting North America to satisfy that need anymore :)

Also I am almost certain the small the light screen smaller for that stage

One criticism I would have of the crowd is that they sing TOO MUCH and TOO
LOUD as they almost always drown out Bono...what can the guy do...?

Funnily enough some bird shit fell from the roofs even though the roof was
closed - we looked up and nothing could be seen - any ideas?? Got some on my
jacket :(

Bono pulled out a banner from the crowd which had a quote from his about how
we can Make Poverty History by working as ONE - which was pretty cool.

Setlist was pretty standard, WOWY was played - no Bad or UTEOTW (only 2 U2
songs I really wanna hear live) - naturally Vertigo 2 was played - they
played well past 10:30pm but they started like 20mins late.

Unchained Melody snippet was done as was Happy Birthday/Walk.

All in all a pretty solid show - no real criticsm apart from sound quality
and queue managemant - my non U2 fan friend went and he didn't much like the
U2/Charity stuff!

For anyone wanting to visit the Millennium Stadium by car I would
reconsider - the traffic afterwards was horrendous on the M4! (plus you have
to pay to get in, via the M4 but not to get out)

Also feel sorry for anyone who paid to have certain seats near the stage (on
the stage) as they had very poor views! (when looking at a stage setup they
would look good) but they are not!

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