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by Neilan

Ive been working out in Sarajevo (ironically) since April and didn't think I was going to see the boys this tour. Having missed them last time too, that would have been a personal disaster. But, with the help of the RAF, EBay and an international car hire company, I was in the elipse (where else?) for another rollercoaster ride with the best Rock group in Elohims Universe. When U2 are in town its time for love, peace and good hapiness stuff, so I gave my spare ticket to a girl who had travelled down by bus from Stirling to see the boys. Her ticket was for the very back of the stadium and I thought as it was her 1st U2 live experience, she should be up close and personal. She was in complete agreement and acknowledged that with a huge kiss. U2 just get better and better. I loved every second of this concert and by the end had completely lost my voice. The 2 young girls in front of me were amazed that the vast audience were singing along to classic U2 songs that they had never even heard? Another great, thrilling, spiritual and emotional experience. Thank You.

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