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by HD

this show was a blinder, i never really took a gigantic amount of notice of any of the u2 support acts i saw until this night, when the killers successfully warmed up the millenium stadium (or at least the bit i was in) before u2 arrived (fresh off the boat so to speak, as we discovered later). The proceeded to play all the songs i'd heard seven and ten days before in a the cavernous gloom of a stadium apparently filled with people who had come from all the parts of the country that u2 hadn't hit on the rest of the uk section of the tour - bono said they were all welsh but what does he know? the show opened the way it meant to go on, blasting through the first part of the set before calming down a little to relax the audience with songs like I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, and Miracle Drug, which can only seem relaxing when your about to be bombarded with Love And Peace Or Else, Sunday Bloody Sunday and Bullet The Blue Sky. They seemed more ferocious this time that the others, especially bono, who attempted to exact revenge on innocent drums for all the outrages of the world, before tossing the drumsticks into the crowd with as much disgust and he used to belt out sunday bloody sunday before actually retiring into the edge's wall of sound. They then let us off the bile for a while with running to stand still, before we partied with pride and streets. Then we got a suspense filled breather. we didnt really want it anyway. the stadium roof stayed nailed shut and the bono came out to round up any of us derelicts lurking in zoo station (sixteen years is a long time to wait) to take us on his little fly train down to hell. thats my interpretation of his conductors hat, goose stepping and hitler salute anyway. all aboard the fly train for damned souls - its no secret, etc. after that we got the customary lighter waving of with or without you and one last (or almost last) rock out to all because of you, before yahweh wound us down to the final vertigo, under the cover of which the band slipped away and we were left wondering what had happened to the last two hours of our lives - they had disappeared so quickly. a quick suggestion for U2, if they want to make something cool, get a camera down in the bomb shelter to film bono emerging from the smoke for zoo station, or did they already do that?

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