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by Maxime Pouliot

Here's my review of the second mtl show song by song. For this show, i was 1 person away from the tip of the heart (outside)

Elevation : Like the 1st night in Montreal, this one kicked serious ass. The crowd was really into it and kept singing along with Bono. Great live version

B Day : Maybe a little less well done than the previous night but still a nice song. Bono didn't come at the tip like the previous night

Until The End Of The World : I took some great pictures on this one and the song was incredible. Even if i heard it the night before, i was still jumping around and singing all the way.

Even Better Than The Real Thing : First change from the previous night and was a welcome one. I liked this one more than disco/staring duo

Mysterious Ways : Again tonight, it was played very early in the setlist compared to the beginning of the tour. It was all Zoo Tv.

One : It think it works better at the end of the show but still, One remains one :)

Help : i was really happy Bono sang part of the tune. The crowd didn't seem to follow alot though

Stuck : That's when i think Bono lost his voice cos he was holding is throat during the song. He had is eyes closed for the whole song and didn't play guitar. Very touching still

Kite : Even if he was not singing the high notes, he gave it all here and it was a highlight again for me.

Gone : I didn't think they would play it again but the version with the very long ending was even better than the night before.

New York : Again here, i liked it alot more from the previous show. Finally, Bono was coming to the tip

I Will Follow : Wow! the crowd was really into it for this one. Another highlight. Really long bridge with the "ours eyes make a circle" thing...

Sunday Bloody Sunday : Very much like the night before except Bono asked for an irish flag during the song which was cool

Angel Of Harlem : This one was great! alot better than Desire in my opinion.

Stay : I would have liked them to play In A Little While but because of Bono's voice problem, i wasn't surprised. I still loved Stay and the way he sings Montreal in a french accent

All I Want Is You : Is was nice to hear the full version. I prefer Bad but i was happy to have hear them both.

Where The Streets Have No Name: Is there a better song live ?

Pride : Great way to finish before the encores.

Bullet The Blue Sky : Bono was as always amazing with his spotlight. great solo. Heston was not a popular guy after the show !

The Fly : Again they played it in the encore tonight. I touch bono's hair during this song which was amazing

I Remember You : Short and sweet

Walk On : great way to finish. Hallelujah

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