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by Melissa P.

I got onstage with Bono during the Fly... which hasn't be done already! I just can't believe what happened... it was too awesome!

I was trying to get his attention with a rose I bought for him early on that morning (we arrived at 3 o'clock in the morning... and "slept" there), but through out all the show he wasn't paying attention to my rose.

Then he came really close to me but he wasn't facing me... so I took my rose, used it as an extention of my arm to touch him. I ran my rose down his right leg. He laughed, smiled than turned around. He looked straight at me with the bluest of eyes. Then he took my rose with his teeth than put it aside.

At this point the crowd was going wild, everyone was pushed up against the heart trying to touch Bono.

I thought he only wanted to touch my hand, but no! Once he grasped my hand he started pulling me to go onstage.

Once I got onstage he held me very tight in his arms, then he laid me down on the floor.. and he laid down on me! I was quite stunned! After he turned me around and I was lying down on him! Then his press me against his body... so I was just lying down on him!!!

I put my head on his shoulder and I just started kissing his neck... he actually stretched his neck, like if he wanted me to continue... which I obviously did!!! I also played in his wet hair... he was so beautiful!

He was moaning as I was doing this! Quite incredible... he was whispering things, but I didn't hear what he was saying to me (some other fans told me about this).

So after this... he layed me on the ground again and he stood up right over me... then the final words of The Fly "I've gotta go, I'm running out of change"... I looked at him shaking my head meaning "Please don't go". He smiled once more than ran off!

I was completely hysterical! Before Walk On... Bono said:"Excuse me Father!" while looking up at the ceiling, like if he had sinned :).

Then, still in Walk On, he was looking at me and I started laughing then he did too.

I really felt like I had something special with Bono... it's a night I will never forget... and my hair still smells like his cologne!

If anyone has pictures of me with Bono... I was in a red tank top... please e-mail me!!!


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