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by Brad Fenton

Did it really have to end?

I was hoping that I'd be stuck in a moment that I couldn't get out of, but the lights eventually come back on.

Simply put, the 2 shows were amazing; the whole weekend felt like an out of body experience to me. I did my best imitation of a "groupie" walking around town for three days, checking out hotels, even walking into the Irish Pubs looking for the Boys, hey you never know!

Hard work pays off. I got to "meet" Bono and the Edge before the first show, and Edge the second night. Unfortunately the "meeting" was cut short because of some over enthusiastic beatlesque fans frightened them off.... Oh well, it definitely was unforgettable though.

As for the shows temselves? They were great, despite some shortcomings, which weren't necessarily all due to the band.

First of all, it was a shame that Bono was losing his voice, although he sounded much better the second night, but it was a true demonstration of his passion and professionalism to see him struggle so valiantly and heroically.

Secondly, it's too bad that they had to drop a few songs because of problem #1 (With or Without You and the Ground Beneath... night 2) and cut monday's show short.

But, what really disappointed me the most about both shows was the crowd. Sure they may have been loud, but they didn't exhibit much savy. The first night saw Bono sing the Sweetest Thing, without the crowd seeming to catch on, and "40" came and went with about 4o people singing along....Heck, people stared at me like I was from another planet while I sang along to "40"(I know I can't sing, but come on).

I think the worst examples of fan ignorance occured the second night, when practically no one jumped on board to help on obviously struggling Bono during Help. How can you not know that one???? Also, it was a shame that I Remember You, the Joey Ramone tribute, was a curiosity at best to most.

Well, enough complaining. I just mentioned those shortcomings because several people have complained that the band didn't make much of a connection with the crowd, but I disagree. I believe that the fans didn't make the connection. U2 can only give as much as they can take. Boy, did I give them all I could give, and I felt like I was in heaven.......

PJ Harvey? What a voice. What passion. What a show. I'm coming to see you if you ever come to do your own show gal! Just make sure the sound is better and thsat your naughty amp doesn't act up again.

Cross your fingers and hope that the rumors are true; that U2 is coming back here or Ottawa in the fall.

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