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by Macfisto

I was there! J'etais la! I was counting the days...hours

What a show! I wanted tickets for both show but I was unlucky for the sale of the first show.

Let me tell you I didn't feel unlucky on the 28th. The show was all that and more!

The electricity was in the air: everybody knew that they were coming on stage at 8h50 (I guess they saw on MuchMusuc 2 days before the "on tv live" arrival of U2 in Toronto). From that point on, there would be no breaks: be who needs break when you're having this much fun!

My first show was popmart in 97 and it was special, something you can never reproduce: your favorite band in front of you for the first time. But singing Stay for only the 5th-6th time in America was magical. To have back-to-back I will follow and Sunday Blooday Sunday, was even more exilariting. To have played the whole version of All I want is you was unforgettable (if I am not mistaken that is when a flag was carried down fan to fan from the left part of the stage).

I was further to the stage than I was in 97 (though in the middle) but I felt closer.

At the end, I had only one thing to say to them: Stay...and the night would be enough

I can't wait for the DVD!

I can,t wait for the next show!

I am still counting the days...the hours.

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