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by John

This was a brilliant show! I have seen live shows on the "Love Town", "Zoo TV", and "Pop Mart" tours, but none of those concerts were as good as tonight's performance - and that includes the thunder storm "Pop Mart" show in Sydney in 1998, which, prior to Saturday's show, was the best I have ever seen.

Surprisingly, only three songs from "Atomic Bomb" got an outing tonight, being "City", "Vertigo" and "Sometimes". "Love & Peace" was replaced by a beautiful rendition of "Bad" (with a little bit of "Ruby Tuesday" and "40" thrown in for good measure). Is there anything better for the ears than the opening melodies of "Bad"?

Other highlights (and surprises) included an acoustic version of "Walk On"; a tiny "In a Little While" tacked onto the end of "I Still Haven't Found"; a howling "Until the End of the World" (after which Bono said "Whoah, I think The Edge just exploded!"); and a tear-jerking "One Tree Hill" to round out the evening, which, like last night, was the most moving song of the evening - with a dazzling Koru (i.e. traditional Maori design) projected onto the big screen.

The sound was crisp and the atmosphere was festive. The band were in a playful mood, especially Bono, who came out for the encore with an All Black rugby jersey on, whereupon he belted out "The Saints", only to strip it off at the conclusion of that song to reveal an Irish rugby jersey underneath.

Unquestionably the greatest live act ever. It is hard to imagine that tonight's show could be bettered by anyone other than U2 themselves - and who would bet against that?


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