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by William

This gig was actually under threat because it was just after Princess Di was killed in Paris. With the country grinding to a halt in mourning there were calls for it to be postponed......But the show went on and thank God it did. I found all that mourning business too morbid in the end talk about ott.

The band were sensational as were the effects, I still hold Zoo tv as the most amazing thing I have ever seen along with Zooropa but Popmart was special, that screen WOW.

The thing that all this hi-tech stuff did was take away the focus from the music a little and that was the only negative, however the band rocked.

I was in the special enclosure at the front of the stage and had a fantastic view, at one point Bono walked along the catwalk and the crowd were all watching him, I walked over to the stage as the crowd had pressed in the other direction to see Bono and found myself standing about 10 feet from the Edge, with no-one between us, I nearly wet myself. It was an amazing moment for me.

There was a small tribute to Princess Di, Bono sang MLK and images of her were projected onto the screen, it was a fitting tribute and more than enough after all the talk of postponing.

I have grown up with this band and have seen them go from playing small venues to Huge arena's but the one constant with them is that no matter where they play, they are always special, amazing. The best band on the planet. I love them more everytime I see them.


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