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by Lisa

The show was awesome! I had gold circle seats that were about mid-arena. I only wished that the heart covered a bigger area but I have to say it was really cool to see Bono in the middle of the crowd.

The songs were great. I really don't have any major complaints. The only song I don't think worked well was Discotheque. It just didn't seem to go with the other songs.

In my opinion, the best songs were Bad and Bullet the Blue Sky. I also enjoyed Walk On but have to agree with the others that 40 would have been a nice ending. I was surprised that the crowd didn't start to chant the song after they left the stage.

The other issue that I think came up a lot before the tour started was Bono's voice. I have to admit to being worried after hearing Bono on some Tv appearances but he delivered the goods! I hope he keeps it up!
Overall, I think it was a far better opening night then I could have imagined!

Towards the end of the show Bono jumped into the crowd with security surrounding him and ran through it to the back of the arena. That was a huge surprise!! It was a good move, though. I don't know if he'll continue to do that because it caused a bit of chaos! Also, I very much enjoyed it when Bono introduced the band and Larry even came out onto the heart and waved. The band seem to enjoy themselves and I think that helped to make the show even better!

It was just a blast!

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