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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Jacob Mathai

It was a great way to start off a world tour!! The boys were on fire from the get go. They soared into Elevation and kept us rocking till the end. There was a scare with Bono falling off the stage. You could hear the entire audience take a gasp but the master did not miss a beat. Bono made full use of the heart stage and evening got in a couple of laps in while running the stage. The weather was perfect and the people were great. This was the fan's concert. There was people from all over. I did not meet any Floridians in the whole place. There was people from Italy, Germany, Ohio, Michigan and we were representing Texas. The stage setup was not fully perfected, once they get rolling the other shows will be rather livily. The acoustics of the arena were not the best but the band was in full force. There were a few akward moments but they pushed on. They sang a great setlist, stuff that hasn't been heard for sometime. I wouldnt have missed hearing With or without you and Bullet the blue sky. They did well with those at Popmart. I did get a chance to meet Elvis Costello outside the concert, I dont why he was walking around with the common folks. The woman at the evenue were breath taking!!! Some of the hottest women around. The biggest meeting of fake beautiful breasts and stipper bodies around. It was fun. You have to catch at least two of the shows before they are through. U2 is back and they are hear to kick some ass!!! I got tickets to Miami, Houston, New York and Dublin. Hope to see you all there!!

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