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by Vicky

U2’s second night in Miami was incredible! Bono surely has a gift for drawing in and embracing the crowd(literally and figuratively!). Larry and Adam seemed to keep the rhythm effortlessly throughout the show.The Edge? Well, he performed like the unparalleled talent he is, at one point playing his guitar with one hand and keyboard with the other, seconds before
running to the mic in a maze of foot pedals to belt out flawless backup vocals.

The show design was breathtaking and ethereal. I loved the heart-shaped catwalk – it made the band seem so much more accessible than in the previous tours. The
lighting was amazing. Each song had its own tone,reflected in the lights and colors swirling and bouncing off screens, the audience, even the ceiling. One of the best parts was saved for last when the words to “Walk On” floated across the arena as Bono
belted them out.

I’ve been to two other U2 concerts, for Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby. Both concerts were impressive, but neither compared to this. The sense of intimacy between band and fans, as well as the sheer emotion made this concert rise above the others.

One question… when will they return?

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