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by Karl Linder

Well night two at the NEC and a stunning show proved last nights workman like performance was just an off night.

Bono was on top form although I thought his voice was a bit rough in some parts. Highlights the touching tribute before "Kite" to his farther. Bono said that he had spoken with his farher that afternoon and said he felt useless as he was away on tour, he replied that he dad said if he would have been in Dublin he would still be useless. Bono discribed him as a "tough old fucker". He also said he felt that mysterious powers had made his father write "Kite" through him. He also dedicated "One" to his dad.

Great to hear " All I Want Is You" in its original form rather than an acoustic version we have heard on the last couple of tours.

When the band came on for the last encore some one shouted "Party Girl" and Bono stated just because you have given us great riches, cars houses and planes don't tell us what to play. He then went OK then and the band launched into a badly rehearsed version of "Part Girl" with Bono trying to rememeber the words and Edge, Adam and Larry huddled around the drum kit trying to play along.

They did not drag anyone out of the crowd tonight but everone at the NEC tonight seemed well up for the show. The version of "Bullet The Blue Sky" also shone tonight with Bono adding additional words to the end/middle section about Mark Chapman shoting John Lennon, very powerful. Great also to hear "Out Of Control","Discotheque", and "Pride" different from last night.

The best show I have seen by the band since Cardiff in 93. Role on Slane One.

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