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by nige

Just got back from that amazing gig, I urge anyone who's going to future gigs on this tour to get there early so they can get in the heart. I couldn't believe how close we were to the stage, about 2 metres!

That also makes it great for shouting requests as Bono will hear you. As they came on for the 2nd encore I shouted for "Party Girl" and they played it! I've been to many gigs by lots of bands but not once has a group played any song I've shouted for, but hey that's U2 for you.

As for the actual song "Party Girl" Bono got the words wrong and The Edge played his usual disasterous solo (guitar hero!), but that's what made it so much fun. Actually halfway through I thought what if they omit "One" or "Walk On" to make way for "Party Girl" but luckily they didn't. After finishing "Party Girl" they went straight into "One" before I got the chance to shout "now I want "Ultra Violet Light" followed by "Bad", "Lemon" and "Gloria", oh yeah and don't forget "Gone"!!

Other highlights of the evening for me was a fantastic "Kite" (how great is this song?), a sublime "New York", an acoustic "Stay" and my wife's favourite "All I Want Is You"

What a night, what a band!!

the mad jumping fool in the "Unforgettable Fire" tour t-shirt!

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