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by Phil Growden

The preamble ....I'd not seen the band since '87 and had been looking forward to it for months .The tickets had been sold out but I'd posted a 'wanted ad. at Yahoo auctions and someone e mailed to say that the NEC had released some more...they had thank you!!We got there at about 7pm and loads of people were having a beer on the grass outside.It was a hot summers night and perfect.There were loads of
scalpers around ..A beer was 2.40.Luke warm.
Poor.Hot Dogs 2.50 very tasty!No one seemed to be watching the support band we were all soaking it up.There was a great age range there.The GreenPeace stand was very quiet.

The show...Bono was in black with corporal stripes!!.The Edge wore '2' ,Adam had a 'Yes' T shirt,Larry a purple shirt..we had
good seats but I envied those in the 'heart'
they had a great view.The band were supremely tight and seemed to be enjoying it,the crowd were rocking and the intro to 'Streets' was something that I'll never forget!!Low point...'New York' (perhaps a toilet break next time!!)

Afterwards...loads of smiling faces we know we'd seen a very good show..and outside loads of lads selling great U2 posters for a quid...magic!!

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