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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Andy Pickup

This was the first time i had seen U2 indoors and was abit worried about how they would sound,as elevation started they left the lights on and began singing the first verse i thought "this is different" then the lights went off as bono hit the chorus and from then on i was on an unstopable high,until the end was great with the edge slaying bono down at the end with the guitar, kite was good and sunday bloody sunday was the best version i have heard since the rattle and hum version it was very powerful and as usual bono took a flag from out of the crowd.

all i want is you was great to hear espec the end as it went straight into streets wich the crowd went wild for although the pop mart ending should still be played with it,bullet in blue sky was the best i have heard the j.lennon story was touching then it was into the encore and party girl what a song this is (my girlfriend hadnt heard this song before and when i got back to the car i dug out the red rock cd and played it proper for her)and then all to soon they played one and walk on then they were gone again.

all i can say is thank you guys,once again you prove to the world that U2 are without a doubt the best band in the world i only hope they do some more uk shows before they finish this tour.

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