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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Emlyn Foley

It was an exciting day today i couldnt sleep the night before because it was 8 years ago since i saw U2. Seeing that my fiancee,Michele and i live in Cornwall it was a long and boaring coach trip to the N.E.C. but the excitment of seeing this band wiped out that bordem. It was a really hot day so i got out my tattoos for the day. It took a few hours to arrive but once we did we made our way to the arena. We had seating tickets so my instant reaction was please let us see the band and to our luck we were sat by the side of the heart stage on Adam's side. Kelis didnt really excite us as we were waiting for the main act. Before we knew it Elevation trippy mix was blasting from the P.A. and the band walked on,Adam,Larry,Edge and Bono. WOW! ELEVATION! They sounded great and when the arena lights were still on it was like watching the band rehearse with a few thousand mates. And when they went off we went off on a trip! I suppose hearing them belt out Out of Control was the highlight of the gig. It reminded me of what it would have been like to watch U2 in the year 1980. But the set was perfect. Songs from Pop were good to hear seeing as that i missed Popmart,the critism for those shows and the album,U2 made up for that tonight. Pride gave Michele and i a buzz that our fists were high in the air believing what Bono lives for PEACE. Sunday Bloody Sunday was another highlight too. Bono dedicating Kite to his old man was so moving that the whole arena just stopped. You could hear a pin drop-emotional? You bet! Streets made Michele go funny! It was good to see Michele go crazy to a band i love so much and when they belted out With or Without You we held our hands together so tight the song seemed to make more and more sence. One also was so good live. But my best memory was when they played Bullet and i started a hand clap to Larry drum beat that the whole arena followed. WOW! My best song from A.T.Y.C.L.B. Walk On finished the show and the lights at the end sent my pulse racing. Do U2 still know how to do it? Have they sold out? Well watch this space......

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