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by fresno dave

This was my first U2 concert. We were blown away by The Alarm..looked at each other and said: "This is already the best concert we have ever been to." And we are picky! That's how good the Alarm was!

But as soon as U2 were one minute into the opener, "Out of Control", we realized we had already forgotten the Alarm. U2, in the War era, wow: what passion, what fire..and it wasn't even a sell out crowd! We immediately rushed from our average seats to get a closer look at history being made..and couldn't figure why everyone else wasn't getting it!!

U2 has way on nights,and some off nights (which are still better than anyone else's "on" nights). In retrospect, these decades later, i now know that this was a fairly on night..but it was so short! or felt it. maybe they ahd a time limit..they rushed through Gloria...

Edge was still learning how to manuever between guitar and piano. Bono was apologizing all over about his famous antics at the previous show in New haven..now a legend. So he pured his repentance into an amazing payback.

So glad tehy are closing with 40 again (Vertigo tour ) tour, but there was nothing like hearing it when it was new...as the guys one by on left the stage, i knew they would be the biggest band in the world..even though they already were in my book

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