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by guitardude

Band in fine spirits, Larry rarely sings, so that tells you it was a special one. Everyone was sharp and loose and the sound was great-many smiles up there. Very funny moment where B asked Edge to explain the "summit" with Metallica and Green Day the night before, Bono with his hands on his hips like a mum scrutinizing a naughty child-Edge mentioned there were a few bars involved and that one of the items of discussion were such important matters as which was the best Tequila, B then ribbed Edge throughout the rest of the set with Tequila jokes, and when Edge was a little off on a guitar riff B immediately said "was that the tequila?!" B tried to get Larry to discuss the "summit" and all he would say was "what happens at the summit, stays at the summit". Bono was very free with his compliments to the Bay Area as the source of inspiration and action for thinking different, and changing the world. They knew they were amongst many of us who constituted their original audience, in one of their oldest places of support ,and it felt like a family reunion (with port-a-potties and overpriced beer) A nice personal moment was when Adam saw my sign at the front of stage reading "thank you for a 30 year journey" nodded, smiled and shook his head as if to say "has it been that long?" Pictures from my spot will be posted to @U2's Flickr site soon.

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