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by dave f

OK, maybe my expectations were too high; the last show that I saw was Oakland '05 and it was great. This time, not so much. First, the fan experience felt like more of a cattle call and it also seemed like people more more rude and more drunk. Anyway, what's the deal with getting into the inner circle and then just sitting down? Is that a new phenomonan? It really pisses people off. The show seemed a little sloppy to me - I couldn't tell if Bono screwed up Magnificent or if it's a new 'version'. After the little discussion of Edge's night out the previous evening, at the end of the next song, Bono says something like "was that because of the tequila?" Don't know if the Edge screwed up or something. And finally, the sound. It sounded bad to me. I was in GA, close to the middle open space and the bass was consistently so loud it was distorting and the vocals were pretty mushy, couldn't always make out what was being sung/said. Guess I'm getting old and crabby...

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