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by Sam Hollingsworth

I was at the Wednesday night show and thought it was great!! I've seen them 3 times before and enjoyed this show just as much as all the others. So why all the bad press? Is anyone else as tired of reading about how POP "sucks the big lemon" to quote Rolling Stone? I think the CD has some GREAT STUFF on it and I was really glad to hear the new suff live.

I agree with the other person who commented about the crowd. How can you sit through this show? We had a woman behind us who kept telling us to sit down, she was the only one in our section not dancing, it's still hard for me to believe that she expected us to stay in our seats!! The stage looks great, the band sounded great, I just hope for those of you who haven't seen it yet, you go in with an open mind and not pay attention to all the negative things being written about the tour, ticket sales and the new material. I can't believe they have come and gone, and I hope next time in San Francisco they play a few dates at a small place like the Fillmore.

And as far as the set list being the same each night, as a previous writer complained about, most big tours are that way, give or take a few songs, so I wouldn't fault the band just because you choose to follow them all over the country! If next time they come around it's the same show, that's a different story!!! I hope the band reads these, because your true fans still love you!!!

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