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by dave f

Well, to start with, my 17 year old daughter waited for the band to show outside, but gave up at 5:30 to get in the G.A. line. We were standing next to a group of three, two of which were a young couple that had been to many shows this tour and before. Very friendly and encouraging about the experience (this was our second U2, first G.A.). So, we get up to the scanner and they get in Yeah! and Lauren and I don't scan in No! So, I pat the man on the back and tell him to enjoy the ellipse, sorry we can't be with them. Just then, a staffer says "are you with them? You can get in then, just tell that woman over there" I go to the woman and try to explain what happened, she starts to ask us a bunch of questions and finally (after the young woman with us says she's my other daughter) gives up and gives us both wrist bands! Boy, talk about going from the valley to the mountaintop in only about 90 seconds! We get in and are about 5 people back from the front of the stage. We met a bunch of great people, but I wish that I had gotten that couple's name and email so that we could thank them. Sorry for the long story. The whole show was great. Some wierd stuff, like the water throwing (I just watched the Chicago DVD and Bono throws water at the crowd!), the lights staying up during Streets and Fast Cars (what a great live song). My only negative comment was the snippet that they put at the very end of Bad at the end of the show kind of messed up the end of the concert, but only a little bit. Wish that I could see them again. Maybe in regular GA this time just to try something different, but I don't think that any crowd could match up with this one. Please contact me, tall guy and (dyed) redhead, I want to thank you directly.

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