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by Eric Hutcheson

It is not possible to describe in words how unbelievable this show was. It was totally mind blowing from the moment that the band ran through the crowd to the moment that they said "goodbye." Howie B. gets you totally pumped for the beginning of the show with his music. Everybody was dancing and waiting, and finally "Pop music" began to play and my adrenaline started to pump. The band walked on to the B-stage about 5 feet away from me (the best seats are not in the front row, they're about 20 rows back next to the b-stage).

*Miami- when he brought a girl who was standing right next to me onto the stage it looked like it was rehearsed the way the girl crawled to Bono and then began to dirty dance with him dawning his cowboy hat and Garth Brooks micro phone
*Bullet the Blue Sky- the spotlights were sweet. Bono spotted a man in the crowd wearing a t-shirt that said "Kill Bono" on it. Bono said "I want one of those and the man threw him the shirt. Then Bono rearranged the lyrics by saying "This man comes up to me with a Kill Bono t-shirt....how much do you think I get for this t-shirt? One hundred? Two hundred?.. etc.
*Discotheque- combine the greatest mirror ball with a great song performed 5 feet away from you. It's pretty damn sweet.
*Stand by Me- this proves that everyone makes mistakes. The whole crowd was singing with Bono perfectly and then all at once after the chorus everybody seemed to forget the lyrics and then laugh. Bono just laughed and shaked his head. It was great.

You must see this concert, it is amazing.

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