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by Marcio Aurelio

As you can read on my previous "Vegas" review, I had the idea that U2 in Vegas was the best concert I ever had been to. Well, it was!

Now I have to say that U2 simply blowed me away with their performance in Columbus. The band was so intense and precise at this time that I could not expect a better show.

About the opening band: Fun Loving Criminals did their job,if nothing else, at least they have a more positive attitude than Rage Against The Machine. PS.: I am tired of hearing comments about the opening bands like: "Oh, they do not sound anything like U2!" Hey, for those who expect that, a little reminder: No band can be or play like U2, that's why they are so Unique and they take pride on that!

About the special effects: On my last experience (Vegas) I missed all the side show that the screen has to offer. First row in Vegas was one of the most memorable moments in my life, but to be very honest to you, being at the section 19A of the Ohio Stadium (middle right) gave me a chance to have a better POPMART experience and much more enjoyable. The sound was excelent too.

About the Setlist: I am a bit upset because they haven't played DO YOU FEEL LOVED and don't understand why they cut it, that's one of the best songs on POP. However they improved I WILL FOLLOW a 100% comparing to Vegas when they cut the song short. DISCOTHEQUE is also much better and PLEASE was awesome!

On my opinion,the most beautiful moment of the concert was when The Edge and Larry started STILL HAVEN`T FOUND... and Bono start telling the crowd that some people goes to diferent places to find peace like the beach or even to a church. "I find peace right here, with you..." Says BONO then he add "This is where we work, it's also our house, is where we pray." Then he starts to sing. It was very emotional and he seemed to be very honest on those words.

Final Comments: The band looked like they were having a lot of fun on every song. The Ohio Stadium is nice but sadly no beer stands inside only sodas! The POPMART program is the first item to sellout on the merchandise stands, for POP shoppers who don't like to carry cash to concerts, they accept credit cards, but be careful, it's very easy to be carried away into buying their nice stuff. I guess that's all that the POPMART idea is about anyway. :)

If you are going to an upcoming U2 concert you will not be disapointed!

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