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by Johnathan Long

Excellent show. I was disappointed that they didn't play "Do You Feel Loved", my favorite song on the pop album. Other peeve was the lousy start of "staring at the sun" Bono had no problem hitting the high notes though, despite the rumors that he no longer had the range he used to. The Kill Bono tee shirt gag was interesting, and we had excellent seats (2nd section floor seats, ninth row back.)

I think the worst thing about this particular show was the crowd. This bunch of lame-os sat down during please, had limited enthusiasm for any of the new songs except staring at the sun, and generally did not feed back to the band. Not to mention where we were we had this jerk two rows back who would start yelling "shut up" and "Who cares" at the stage whenever they played any new music.

I saw Zoo TV in Kansas City back in October 92. The enthusiasm of the crowd (we were standing out there in 38 degree weather and still pumped the place) really got everyone happy, and I hope to have better luck stirring that enthusiasm when I see them again in St Louis later this year.

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