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by P/J. Baumeister

It's been ten years since I've seen U2 perform (Oakland 1987) and there is no way to describe what an amazing event this show was. I've heard a lot of people complain that they weren't happy with the new direction that the band has taken. Those opinions are based on shows that the band performed years ago and I have to say that if I had to watch Bono sing Sunday Bloody Sunday at every concert I would lose respect for them.

The show in Columbus was simply spectacular. They made no mistakes and Bono ad-libbed quite a bit. Highlights for me included Last Night on Earth, Miami, Streets and One. The screen was awesome and complemented the band to the point that I would call it an experience. The lights were amazing and the graphics were totally incredible. You can't really appreciate the creative talent that must have been assembled to put something of that caliber together.

I didn't think that they could come up with a pop reference for Bullet the Blue Sky but the Roy Lichtenstein cartoon was the coolest. They really became one with the media and the audience responded. The Edge singing "Daydream Believer" was a nice touch. It reminded me that they were performers, not saviours. Another point of interest: I left the show with nothing but positive feelings. It is so cool to leave a show like that instead of wanting to instigate total anarchy like some shows that I've been to. My advice is to see this show and have an open mind. It's definitely worth it!

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