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by Carson Boneck

I have waited about five years to see U2 and the wait finally ended May 24 in Ohio. My girlfriend and I arrived at the stadium around seven, about an hour or so before the concert.

I knew this was going to be a good day, when the day before had bought the tickets from Ticketmaster and recieved 23rd row directly in the center.

Fun Loving Criminals opened and they were good. They even told the crowd that the POPMART was going to "blow your mind." They were right.

Bono strutted on stage and the screens clarity overwhelmed me. I couldn't decide who or what to look at during the whole show. MOFO rocked as did LAST NIGHT ON EARTH, and MYSTERIOUS WAYS. Bono messed the words up on MWys as he repeated the second verse twice. Bono laughed his way through the rest of the song and they ended with ONE.

Bono seemed to lead the band's timing through many of the songs. The Edge had some cool twists in PLEASE and MYSTERIOUS WAYS. I was amazed by Larry's stamina -- if you go just listen to him on WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME he was adding beats here and there and just sounded great. Adam was his tranquil self, but seemed to enjoy the crowd.

The crowd lost much of its energy after about the fourth song (about the time there buzz wore off, I think). Overall the show was impressive, especially the lemon-mirrorball's light backdrop to DISCOTHEQUE, as Bono belted out the lyrics.

I cannot wait to see them in Chicago June 28. I am sitting way far away and I hope to get a new perspective.

Advice for the concert: rest up!!! and have fun.

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