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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Kramer

Quick notes: peas are not my cup of tea... But they rocked it. Crowd jumped as much for them as they did for u2. One of the longer shows I've seen, printed setlist we got a hand on had 24 songs, show was done at 11:13, so around 2:20-2:25. Intro to unknown caller was comically off. Sound was great, open air venues rule. Bono had everyone sit down then stand up and yell stand up! Before moment of surrender ...I'll note that this one was a TRUE 360 show, and the difference shows. Everyone is so much closer when it's really in the middle. I just can't see someone being upset with being "behind" the band for a show like this. It really wasn't like that, unless you are taking notes about how much time the band spent here or there. Just enjoy the massive giant show! The chicago shows, as much as I liked both were more like end stage with seats behind them. Bono made a comment about 50,000 when he did the sit down, stand up part so I'll take his word that that's about how many showed up. I love the way the base hits you in the chest in GA by the stage. We just got back from a sushi bar about a half mile down from the stadium and one of the cooks said he could feel the bass in the kitchen from that far! Like I said, you got to love these open ended college stadium shows!

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